Tumble Time provides year-round classes for infants to teenagers. Classes are led by trained and certified instructors who provide formal and informal support to class participants. Our Tumble Time location offers a variety of equipment needed for classes from the younger beginner to advanced participants.
Tumble Time Classes are divided according to a child's development level and are broken down into the following classes:


Toddler Classes

Toddler Program Ages 1 (walking) to 3yr
Toddlers LOVE Tumble Time! Mom/ Dad or Grandma/Grandpa get to join in all of the excitement too. Our 45 min classes are a great opportunity to spend fun, quality time with your toddler. Climbing, rolling, swinging, jumping, and much more make these classes funtastic for everyone!

Kinder Gym Ages 3 to 5 yrs.

We specialize in teaching children ages 1 (walking) -6 yrs old. This is a very important time in a child’s life. Studies have shown that most learning occurs between the ages of 0-6. We have a very unique and successful program for your youngster. Our classes are packed full of fun exercises and age appropriate activities.
Mini Gym (Beg. 3yr olds)
Kinder 1 (Beginning 4 - 5 yr olds)
Kinder 2 (Intermediate 4-5 yr olds)
Kinder 3 (Intermediate-Advanced 4-5 yr olds)
Super Kids (Advanced 5-6 yr olds)

School-Aged (6 & up)
These classes are great fun and promote coordination and self-esteem. The students learn skills by progression. In each level the children receive a skill chart to monitor their progress. Once the student has mastered all of the skills required for a particular level, he or she can advance to the next level.
Level A
Level B
Level C
Level 1/2
Level 3/4


Boys Gymnastics
All Boys Gymnastics classes Levels A and B


Ninja Classes

Fun super hero / Ninja training done thru gymnastics

Home School Kids
We offer weekly classes just for you. These classes are offered for kids 3 and up. The classes are full of gymnastics, and other physical fitness games that are a lot of fun and physically challenging for the kids.

Trampoline and Power Tumbling Ages 6 to 16 yrs
Our Tramp & Tumbling classes are great for 6 - 16 yr olds. This class consists of beginning to advanced trampoline and tumbling skills. If you are interested in cheerleading, tumbling is a must. We offer 5 levels of tumbling, the highest consisting of skills such as layouts, and twisting.


Artistic Team (competitive gymnastics)
We offer an artistic team which competes throughout the year. Our team is like a family the competitors are very close and have a great time together. Practices are three nights a week.

Show Team
Show Team is a performance team that combines Gymnastics, Dance and Acrobatics. The team performs at Gymnastics competitions and local events.


Tues / Thur 3.5 to 5 years old
Gymnastics - Arts & Crafts - Story Time and more!
Monthly rate $150
Drop in Rate
Members $22.00 / Non members $28.00
Please pre-register 48 hours ahead!

Each Child needs to bring their own snack
Tumble Time Gymnastics offers a unique combination of academic excellence and individual attention. Both the curriculum and instruction are designed to build children’s self esteem, sense of competence and positive feelings towards learning. Activities are structured to develop skills in the areas of creative expression (arts and crafts), music, language and concepts in math, and science. We include real life concepts of sharing, patience, teamwork, routine thinking, reasoning, questioning, self-help and better social skills.
Prerequisite skills with age appropriate materials are also introduced to develop readiness for children entering kindergarten. We include structured free time, story time, a letter of the week, snack time, arts and crafts, tons of educational games and projects, and much, much more! You will be amazed by how much your child learns each week! Since classes are held at Tumble Time Gymnastics, our Gymagination class gives children access to a variety of learning environments that are not generally available. We include 45-60 minutes of gymnastics and