Tumble Time Kids


$0 ~ ~ 30min

In this adult participation class your infant will be introduced to concepts such as music, movement, fine motor control, and more. Come enjoy time with your baby in this free introductory class. While there is no charge for this class you must still enroll to participate.


$94 ~ 15mo-3yr ~ 45 min

Introduction to gymnastics for children under 3. This is an adult partcipation class.

Mini Gym

$103 ~ 3yr ~ 45 min

Beginning gymnastics just for 3 year old students. Non- Parent/Guardian partcipation class.

Kinder 1

$103 ~ 4-5yr ~ 45 min

Beginning gymnastics designed for ages 4-5.

Kinder 2

$103 ~ 4-5yr ~ 45 min

Advanced beginning level kinder class. Must have basic knowledge and competency of entry level skills. Instructor approval required.

Kinder Ninja

$103 for 4 wks ~ 4-5yr ~ 45 min

Ninja style gymnastics designed specifically for 4-5year olds

Hot Tots

$110 ~ 4-5yr ~ 60 min

Intermediate level preschool age gymnastics. Introduction to full size gymnastics equipment and events. Instructor approval required.


$300 ~ 3-5yr ~ 3hr, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Educational program with a focus on preparing ages 3-5 for entry into school. Children learn basic preschool skills such as letters, numbers, cutting and concepts using a variety of materials and senses. Children will also have time for movement education through circuits and stations , as well as arts and crafts. Program runs 2 days a week for 3 hours a day.