Tumble Time Recreational

Beginning Girls

$110 ~ 6yr-17yr ~ 60 min

Beginning gymnastics for ages 6 and over. Includes the four women’s standard events of vault, bars, beam and floor. Also includes trampoline.

Rec. Level 1

$116 ~ 6-17yr ~ 75 min

Advanced beginning level recreational class. Must have basic knowledge and competency of entry level skills on vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline. Instructor approval required.

Rec. Level 2

$122 ~ 6-17yr ~ 90 min

Intermediate level women’s gymnastics. Instructor approval required.

Rec. Level 3

$122 ~ 6-17yr ~ 90 min

Advance gymnastics. Focus on skill building and refinement in preparation for our competitive team. Gymnasts not wishing to promote to team will remain in this level to learn additional advanced skills based on progressions. Instructor approval required.

Rec Boys

$110 ~ 6-17yr ~ 60 min

Beginning gymnastics for boys interested in the 6 men’s events: Vault, Rings, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Pommel Horse (mushroom) and Floor.

Tumbling 1

$110 ~ 6-17yr ~ 60 min

Introduction to tumbling and trampoline. Learn basic skills such as cartwheels, round-offs and begin working on back handsprings. This class is designed just for those wishing to focus only on their tumbling skills.

Tumbling 2

$110 ~ 6-17yr ~ 60 min

Intermediate level tumbling. Students will work on combing skills into tumbling passes, back handsprings without assistance and start learning flips. Instructor approval required.

Tumbling 3

$110 ~ 6-17yr ~ 60 min

Advanced tumbling class. Students must have a minimum of a round-off back handspring. Instructor approval required.

Acro & Silks

$116 ~ 6-17yr ~ 75 min

Tumbling class for a variety of skill levels combined with an introduction to silks. Students will build on their tumbling skills while strengthening using the silks.

Homeschool Recreational

$126 ~ 4-5yr ~ 75 min

This is a recreational gymnastics class designed for our homeschool families. Students may earn physical activity credits depending on their homeschool/charter program.