Tumble Time Ninja

Kinder Ninja

$103 ~ 4-5yr ~ 45 min

Ninja style gymnastics designed specifically for 4-5year olds

Beginning Ninja 1

$110 ~ 6-17yr ~ 60 min

Introductory Beginning Ninja style gymnastics. Ninja’s will enjoy obstacle courses, balance exercises and strength training through a variety of fast paced skills and drills.

Beginning Ninja 2

$110 ~ 6-17yr ~ 60 min

Advanced beginning ninja style gymnastics. Work on strengthening basic skills to further progress. Must complete Beginning Ninja 1 prior to enrolling.


$110 ~ 6-17yr ~ 60 min

The second level of our ninja program. Skill focus will include flipping, more challenging courses and strength. Instructor approval required.


$110 ~ 6-17yr ~ 60 min

The third level of our ninja program. Skill focus will include mastery of previously introduced skills, more challenging courses and a greater focus on strength training for further advancement of their ninja style skills. Instructor approval required.

Homeschool Ninjas

$126 ~ 4-5yr ~ 75 min

This is a ninja gymnastics class designed for our homeschool families. Students may earn physical education credits depending on their homeschool/charter program.

Homeschool Silks & Ninja

$126 ~ 4-5yr ~ 75 min

Beginning Ninja style gymnastics combine with aerial silks. Class designed for ages 6 and over.